Futura Font Download – The Typeface of Today and Tomorrow

Futura Font Download

A geometric sans-serif typeface, Futura Font download can be the best thing to do if you want a typeface that can put new life in your design. Coming by Paul Renner back in 1927, this font is known for its uniqueness and style. It uses geometric shapes that are almost like the Bauhaus design style of the time. The font is quite elegant and has a universal appeal that makes it one of the best typefaces for any design. 

Since the Futura font has geometric pattern it can be best for headlines and captions. You may employ it in any design including posters, book covers, newsletters, magazines etc. But remember that it can also be used in text. Thanks to its wide applications that allow you to make the most of it. 

Futura captures the spirit of modernity. That is why it has not become outdated and is still popular today. Hats off to the designer for coming up with such as universal typeface that will continue to win hearts and bestow new life to any design today and years to come.


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