Privacy Policy

“Font4” Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Notice to clarify you how, what and when we collect from our website for you. Also note that our Privacy notice is applicable to the data which we collect only when you visit our website at

About font4 Services
We provide targeted advertising service for our clients (advertisers). On visiting our website which is run by an advertiser where we could serve an ad for you, we could collect all or some data as outlined in our Privacy Notice. Our platform uses that data to help the advertiser to provide you ads that are more related to you.

What kind of data we gather and how we use it
We may gather the following types of data on our website and use them for the following purpose:

Device and browser information: technical info of browser or device you are using to access our website
Website activity: data about browsing activity
Account info: data about your name, user id, password etc. to open or access your account
Contact info: It includes info about name, contact number and email id
Customer service information: provides you survey responses
Third party information: we might gather your info from a third source
Financial information: info about your account payment, credit card number taken by our payment processor
How this collected data is further used
This collected data helps font4 to:

Provides you customer services and support
Gathers fees and troubleshoot issues
Protects you from possible fraud
Delivers you the targeted marketing
Makes you contacted on your contacts about your account or to market you our services
Sharing of data
We might share personal identification information (PII) about you to:

Our Service provider: in connection to the service they do for us
Your service provider: for handling data on your behalf
Our related companies: for legal proceedings to fulfill the court order
For business and sale purposes: in case if third party takes up our assets or business for revealing your PII
Advertiser and other party: to enable us to better targeting adds for you
Cookies and other related technologies
font4 uses tracking pixels, cookies and other related technologies for multiple purposes in order to operate and customize our website.

Retention of Data
Personal identification Information is no more important for our business to fulfill our legal provisions.

We also provide you organization, administrative and technical security actions to provide you to protect your data that we gather to counter any accidental, destructive loss, unpermitted access or disclosure and also include circulation of data on network against its illegal processing.

Alteration in Privacy Notice
We will post on our website if we alter any point of our Privacy practices. If we commit any material change, we may give notice on our website or in any way we find suitable.

We may be contacted for any further quarries
If you still have quarries about font4 Privacy Notice or about font4 in general, feel free to contact us at