League Gothic Font – A Classic Font with A Modern Appeal

League Gothic Font

League Gothic font is known for its old classic look with a modern touch. The typeface was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1903 for the American Type Founders Company. As the firm went bankrupt, the font is in the public domain. It makes a very interesting font and one that can be used in various designs. Thanks to its style and clarity that makes it a highly useful font with a wide range of applications.

Offering lot of room for creativity, League Gothic font can be used for both text and headlines. The typeface can be perfect for web design as well. The sleek letters help you create a compact look and one that is pleasing to the sight.

In designs where you need to use space in the best possible way, using League Gothic typeface can be a good idea as well. It allows you to add flavor to your design and also cover the requirement of text message without taking up too much space.

Despite its sleekness, the font does not look weak in anyway. League Gothic font provides the same boldness and attractiveness as the best bold or block fonts do.


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