Franklin Gothic Font – The Popular Headline Typeface with Universal Appeal

Franklin Gothic Font

Belonging to the realist sans-serif typefaces family, Franklin Gothic font is known for its elegance and style. The typeface family was originally developed back in the 20th century by American Type Founders (ATF). The designer Morris Fuller Benton came up with this wonderful font which has become extremely popular around the world. 

Franklin Gothic font is widely used in countless headlines and advertisements. It is as popular today as it was at the time of its creation. In addition to newspapers and magazines, it is also used in other forms of medias such as books and billboards. Thanks to its versatility which has made it a highly desirable font. 

Its solid design is what makes it a strong font having a powerful appeal. Since it’s basically a bold and solid typeface, Franklin Gothic font does not make a suitable option for text. It is rather best suited for headlines and captions. Within the domain of headlines, it’s useless are unlimited. You may use it for banners, posters and other materials where you need to use fewer words and create lasting impression.


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