American Horror Story Font – A Spooky Font for Impact

American Horror Story Font

Got to design a poster for a scary show? Well, consider using American Horror Story font. This typeface 

features a variant of ITC Willow. It was an edited version of The Charles Rennie Mackintosh typeface. Just like its name, the font is perfect for horror shows, movies and any other design where you got to create an element of fear. The font is certainly ugly and scary enough to move the audiences and communicate that idea of fright.

Of course this font cannot be used where you need to create a friendly feel. That is why its uses are limited to designs where you have to create a strong or fearful impact. While it is ideal for captions, headlines etc. that call for fewer words, you may use it in text if required. Though the letters are stylized, they are surely readable which makes them a suitable option for text. 

American Horror Story font makes a great choice for various serious themes as it helps to draw the attention of the onlookers at once. Its characters are strong, impactful and stylish at the same time. Certainly a versatile font when it comes to its application.


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