Street Fighter Font – An Informal Typeface for Lasting Impact

Street Fighter Font

If you have to design a gaming poster or any other banner or design where you need to create a casual yet powerful impact consider using the Street Fighter font. Used in the popular video game’s logo called the Street Fighter, the typeface is known for its stunning look that draws the attention of the viewers instantly. Not only does it help you grab the attention but also stays within the mind of the onlookers for years to come. 

A casual and informal typeface in nature, Street Fighter font can be ideal for banners, posters, book covers and magazine captions where you have to create a friendly yet strong impression. It can be great for kids’ materials as well as other designs where you need to stay away from the formal look and adhere to more easy going style.

The strokes of Street Fighter font are rough which makes it very striking. In the same way, its overall style of highly casual. So if you are to design more formal stuff remember to stay away from this buddy which is all jagged.


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