Playlist Script Font – A Gorgeous Typeface with Many Possibilities

Playlist Script Font

A beautiful hand drawn font, Playlist Script font comes with dry brush styles which makes it so unique. The typeface features three distinct styles namely Script, Caps, and Ornament. Depending on your own creativity and need, you can use all these styles together to create a wonderful look. Whether you have to design a personal project or a professional one, this font can be a great choice. 

Designers around the world love to play with the Playlist Script font. Thanks to its versatile look and beauty which makes it such a popular typeface. The three looks of the font provides lot of room for creativity. That is why you can apply this font to both informal and formal design to come up with a feel like no other.

For special designs such as wedding invitation, quotes, greeting card, and t-shirts, Playlist Script font can make a perfect fit. You can also use it for web pages or other designs that involve digital art. In addition, for text as well, this font can make a great choice due to its clarity and friendly appearance.


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