Playfair Display Font – A Transitional Typeface with Hauge Impact

Playfair Display Font

Playfair Display font is known for its unique style. It is basically a transitional design which makes it so
different. During the 18 th century, in the European Enlightenment, pointed steel pens removed the
broad nib quills. This design is related to that age and is influenced by the designs of John Baskerville as
well as ‘Scotch Roman’ designs. Since it has a large size, it makes a perfect font for logos, headlines, and
any design where you need to make an impact.
The typeface was last updated in 2017 where a number of improvements were introduced together with
extra support for language. In 2019, it converted to a variable typeface.
Playfair Display also has a sibling called the Playfair Display SC which is a small caps clan. If you opt for
the main family you will get small caps in addition to common ligatures, as well as discretionary
As for the uses, you may use it for web design, magazine and other print material. In addition, Playfair
Display is good for posters, banners and other materials where you need to use larger captions.


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