Mickey Mouse Font – A Friendly Font to Spread Endless Smiles

Mickey Mouse Font

An informal and highly friendly typeface, Mickey Mouse font makes a great choice for kids’ designs. 

It is the official font of the world famous Mickey Mouse Cartoon and similar to the Waltograph typeface by Justin Callaghan. As soon as you look at this font you can recall the pretty and cute character which has won the hearts of millions of kids and adults around the world. That is why the font makes a great option when you need to create extraordinary designs for little ones. It can also be perfect for any other design where you need to make a friendly look. 

Mickey Mouse font has lovely curves and strokes which make it very casual. Though the typeface is very casual it is still very readable. Other casual fonts are often not very easy to read and that is what gives this typeface an edge over other informal fonts. 

Whether you need to create a poster of little hearts, a birthday invitation card, a banner for a entertainment show or a web design such as banners or ads, Mickey Mouse font can help you do justice to your work.


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