License Plate Font – A Neat Typeface for Headlines and Text

License Plate Font

A typeface that is just right for formal designs, License Plate font can be a smart choice for those who need to design formal materials. Just as its name says, License Plate font resembles the typeface that is used for the license plates of automobiles. It allows you to express your ideas in a formal and traditional way. The font can be great for headlines as well as text. You may apply it on headlines, captions and text where you need a clear and attractive look. 

One of the unique features of License Plate font is its readability and clarity. You can read each letter separately. So whenever you need a design where clarity of text is required, remember that this font can be your best option. Not only will you be able to help your readers have a clear idea of the subject but you will also provide a pleasant experience for their sight. 

Since License Plate font is clear and neat, applying it on text can also be a good option. So that means in addition to headlines, this typeface can be best for text as well as web designs.


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