Gill Sans Font – A Classy for with Vivid Look

Gill Sans Font

Designed by Eric Gill, Gill Sans font is a humanist sans-serif typeface that was released in 1928. It has its origin in the “Underground Alphabet”, which is the corporate typeface of London Underground. The font is very elegant and readable, two of the most desirable features of any font. That is why it can be used in a number of design themes for both text as well as headlines. It can be very useful for both personal and professional projects where you have to give your design a touch a class. 

The characters of Gill Sans font are simple yet stylish. You will love its clear cut that makes the font highly readable. Despite of being reader-friendly it does retain its class and elegance. That is why it can help you give a perfect touch to any design. 

Gill Sans font can be a permanent part of your font collection as its useless are endless. Whether you need to design a poster, banner or an advertisement, this typeface can make of the best options. Both clarity and sophistication makes it one of the most favorite typefaces for designers around the world.


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