Futura Font Free – The Font of the Present and Future

Futura Font Free

Downing the Futura Font free can help you grab one of the best typefaces around. This typeface is basically a geometric sans-serif font designed by Paul Renner. The font was designed in 1927, and it recognized for its elegance and style. The shapes look much like the Bauhaus design style. Due to its universal appeal, you can use this font for multiple purposes. 

Whether you need to design a poster or a banner, an advertisement or a book cover, Futura font free can help. You will love its geometric pattern which makes it highly suitable for headlines. Since it is available in both capital letter and small ones, it can be used for text as well as captions. 

A font with a modern touch, Futura font free is certainly one of the most outstanding typefaces you could find. No matter if you have to carry out a personal or a professional project, this font will not disappoint you. Due to its wide range of applications, you can use this font and make it a permanent part of your portfolio.


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