Cooper Black Font – A Highly Impactful Font for All Purposes

Cooper Black Font

A bold and solid typeface is what defines Cooper Black font. It is in fact an ultra-bold serif font designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper. The font was born in 1922. It was designed as extra-bold weight of the family of “Cooper Old Style”. As you can guess, this typeface makes a perfect fit for posters, banner, billboards etc. where you need to create strong impact. The letters are solid they do not appear ugly as in case of some bold typefaces. 

As far as readability is concerned, Cooper Black font is very readable. It is pleasing to the eyes and you will have to exert no effort to read it. So if you need to use it for text it can be a good choice too. Due to the wide applications of this typeface, it makes a great choice for designers who are looking to make a collection of some versatile fonts that can be used for various designs. 

Cooper Black font will not disappoint you for your personal or professional projects. So the next time you need to design a poster or a presentation, do not forget to explore this typeface.


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