Comic Sans Font – A Perfect Font Informal Use

Comic Sans Font

If you are looking for a casual and informal format, Comic Sans font can be your perfect option. Those who have to design kids’ posters, books or other material can particularly benefit from this typeface. A highly popular font, it is a sans-serif casual script typeface that came into existence in 1994. It is designed by Vincent Connare and comes from Microsoft Corporation. This typeface is inspired by comic book lettering and is a non-connecting script. 

Often we need a font that does not look very formal. Other than using Comic Sans for kids’ stuff, this can be used for communication or advertising purpose where you need to create a friendly and welcoming look. It does give an impact of handwriting but at the same time the font does maintain its strength that are particular to any typeface. 

People around the world prefer to use Comic Sans font when they have to grab the attention of children or other casual viewers. You may use it in text for casual purposes and make the reader feel at ease. Despite being a casual font, it is not messy at all. Thanks to its clarity that makes it a perfect informal font for any occasion.  


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