Century Gothic Font – Clarity Combined with Elegance

Century Gothic Font

Century Gothic font is one of the most widely used typefaces around the world. It belongs to sans-serif family in the geometric style. Born in 1991, it was released by Monotype Imaging and is  influenced by Futura typeface. However, it has a larger x-height. The font makes a perfect choice for headlines as well as text where you need impact as well clarity. 

Century Gothic is a digital typeface that has its own distinctive look. When you need to create impact on the onlookers, remember to use this font. In addition to using it for posters, billboards, texts and magazines, you can experiment with this font for web designs as well. 

One of the best things about this font is its combination of style and readability. While many stylized designed are attractive, few are readable. This typeface provides designs with the right mixture of readability and design. That is why designers prefer to use it compared to fonts having similar features. 

Another great thing about Century Gothic font is its elegance. When your design calls for grace, remember to consider this typeface as it is packed with class and sophistication. 


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