Blade Runner Font – A Unique Typeface to Create Interest

Blade Runner Font

If you are looking for a unique font with a bold outlook, Blade Runner font can be worth considering. This typeface is known for its extraordinary strike style which makes it stand apart from other similar font families. It is one of its kind in every way. Not only can you use it for headlines and captions, it can be great for web designs as well. Since its characters are bold, the typeface makes the best option for posters, advertisements, banners etc. 

While some may not find it too attractive due to its strike feature, but this is what helps you draw the attention of the viewers instantly. As soon as someone sees this font he tends to look at the font again. Yes, it does create curiosity which is someone very desirable in any font. 

Since Blade Runner font has bold and big letters, it does not make a suitable typeface for text. So if you are looking for a font that is ideal for texts, remember that it cannot be the best option for your design. But for casual designs where you need headlines or few words for captions it can certainly be your best bet.


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