Bank Gothic Font – A Perfect Typeface for Big Impact

Bank Gothic Font

Designed by Morris Fuller Benton, Bank Gothic font is a rectilinear geometric sans-serif typeface. It was founded in 1930 and since then being used extensively by designers around the world. It is known for its science-fiction and military feel. It also has undertones of corporate or sports aesthetic which makes it a font for wide applications. You may use this font for posters, banners, billboards and other design elements. It can particularly great for themes such as sci-fi, and business. Designers around the world have been using it for corporate stationery printing as well as business cards. 

Since Bank Gothic font is bold in nature and has geometrical patterns which makes a fantastic font for advertisements. It can help you create lot of impact with little effort. Due to the versatility of this font, it can be used for both informal and formal designs. It can help your design look outstanding with its bold and frank appeal. So the next time you have to design that you wish could make an instant impact on the audiences, make sure you do try this typeface.


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