American Typewriter Font – The Perfect Combination of Traditional and Contemporary Look

American Typewriter Font

Typefaces such as Block Letter font are particularly designed for headlines and captions. This kind of font can be ideal for magazines, newspapers and other print material where you have to create a bold look. For posters and billboards as well, this kind of font can be ideal. Thanks to its bold look and clarity which makes it a perfect fit for headlines.

While you can use this font for various purposes, remember that this font is not suitable for text. The reason is that it is all in block letters which are not mostly suitable for text. There is no need to consider it if you have to deal with text. Well, but for other designs where you just need to play around with fewer words, Block Letter font can be highly suitable.

The best thing about this typeface is that it helps you perfect your design without much effort. Due to its boldness it allows you to make it a part of its design without using lot of other design elements such as images or colors. That is one unique thing about Block Letter font which makes it such an important font for designers aroun


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